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Lord of the Flamingoes
23 October 1988
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created by: eagle_of_idiocy


I'm me. And you don't know it yet, but someday I'll control your FACE with my powers of procrastinating dumbness. 8D

(Okay, I suck at funny. Screw it.)

Um... I like artistic stuff, like drawing and writing, and I'm a damn good pianist, not to brag or anything (even though I totally am).

I'll probably end up talking about random stuff that happenes to me... like falling down the stairs at the college I go to and freaking out just because there's a stupid little spider in the car. :| Basically, if I feel like talking through a keyboard, this is where I'll do it. Along with a few other places. Because I can.


(As if everyone else on livejournal doesn't post random crap here. XD)


PROMPT TABLE (for ficlets100)
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairing: Trowa Barton/Duo Maxwell (2x3x2)
Progress: 48/100 (48% complete)

001.Toast 002.Bread 003.Church 004.Belief 005.Eternal
006.Soul 007.Babble 008.School 009.Education 010.Fireflies
011.Bodies 012.Nature 013.Hero 014.Complications 015.Decisions
016.Choice 017.Heartache 018.Space 019.Empty 020.Promise
021.Candles 022.Incense 023.Magick 024.Witch 025.Teacher
026.Lessons 027.Driving 028.Winter 029.Summer 030.Autumn
031.Spring 032.Ritual 033.Hairbrush 034.Contact 035.Touch
036.Taste 037.Smell 038.Vision 039.Sound 040.Danger
041.Knife 042.Gun 043.Bunnies 044.Fear 045.Cows
046.Brain 047.Sky 048.Universe 049.Otherworld 050.Parallel
051.Monsters 052.Cooking 053.Justice 054.Sleep 055.Web
056.Dream 057.Nightmare 058.Shooting star 059.Morality 060.Tangle
061.Sin 062.Inevitable 063.Balance 064.Nobility 065.Alone
066.Emotion 067.Disappear 068.Shadow 069.Echo 070.Hot
071.Cold 072.Warm 073.Past 074.Mutiny 075.Future
076.Present 077.Christmas 078.Birthday 079.Night 080.Day
081.Sunshine 082.Dawn 083.Moonlight 084.Dusk 085.Child
086.Birth 087.Weapon 088.Fight 089.Blood 090.Shut up
091.Vengeance 092.Ruined 093.Regret 094.Silence 095.Found
096.First 097.New Year 098.Writer's Choice. 099.Writer's Choice. 100.Writer's Choice.